I love sharing beauty tips! Here are some of my favorites for friends and artists alike.

#1 - Use eye cream instead of makeup remover to clean up eye makeup mistakes. It won't affect other makeup and is nourishing to skin.


#2 - To make eye color pop, choose eye makeup in colors from the opposite end of the color wheel. Blue eyes? Choose peachy colors. Greenish Brown? Choose wine-y purples to make the green stand out.


#3 - BEST concealer, bar none, is Amazing Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics. It is like an eraser!


#4 - For a super-smooth blush application, always work from the outer part of the face in, not the other way around.


#5 - You can use tinted self-tanner to highlight and contour your face semi-permanently! Just use extra self-tanner on areas you want to contour and use moisturizer to dilute the tanner on parts you want to highlight. Do this at night, and when you wash your face the next morning, you will have natural, make-up free highlight and contour to your face. I recommend St.Tropez self-tanner for this.


#6 - To wear bright red lipstick in a classy way, just keep it matte.


#7 - To make your face appear more narrow, apply your usual under-eye concealer in a V shape starting around the nostrils up to the outer corners of your eyes.


#8 - Got a broken blush you don't know what to do with? Crush it into a powder, mix with Vaseline, and you've got a new gloss!


#9 - To master liquid liner, first place the brush on your lashes to steady your hand. Once secure, drag the brush up and along the lash line.


#10 - Best Whitening Toothpaste: Rembrandt Intense Stain Toothpaste. Works shockingly well. I saw a difference in 3 days and after 2 weeks my teeth looked like I had gotten them professionally whitened. And all I had to do was brush as usual!


#11 - Next time you need a brush for liquid or cream liner, head straight to an art supply store. They have a large variety and you will be able to find one with the right thickness for your eye. Want a thin line along your lashes? Choose a thin brush. A thicker line? Choose a thicker one.


#12 - After applying concealer, set it with a very light translucent powder. This keeps it in place and prevents racoon eyes.


#13 - Know that you are already beautiful. All the tips and products in the world can only polish the diamond that is already there.


#14 - For women 40+: When choosing makeup colors, stay away from gray undertones, which are dulling. How can you tell a gray undertone? If you hold up any 2 same-intensity bronzers, for example, one will probably look duller or “grayer” than the other and one will look more bright and peachy. Always choose the brighter one.


#15 - Wash your makeup brushes with baby shampoo. All you need is a dime sized amount for a blush brush-sized brush!


#16 - Make your own body scrub! Start with a cup of sugar in a bowl. Pour in almond oil till it covers the sugar. Mix!


#17 - BEST Self-Tanner: St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion or Mousse. Leaves the most even, realistic tan. (Wash hands immediately after applying.)


#18 - Rediscover this oft forgotten summer ritual. Spray lemon juice in hair before going out into the sun for natural highlights!


#19 - Instead of using powder to absorb shine, try a mattifier. It does not get cakey and can go under or over makeup.


#20 - After applying face cream or sunblock, rub what's left onto the tops of your hands. Hands need TLC too!


#21 - To make eyes appear larger, avoid lining the entire eye. Instead, start with a thin line at the middle of the eye and gradually thicken out past the end of the lashes.


#22 - Your hair conditioner can double as shaving cream in the shower. That's one less product in the shower caddy!


#23 - To give height to the crown of hair when wearing a ponytail, only pull the lower half of the ponytail apart when securing it.


#24 - Super-charge your face and body moisturizers by mixing in a few drops of natural oil for extra hydration. Use pure argan oil or macadamia nut oil - they absorb quickly and feel great!


#25 - When taking photos, look a little above the camera lens rather than directly into it. This makes eyes appear larger and more open.


#26 - For more natural and softly defined eyes, use eyeshadow instead of eyeliner on the bottom.


#27 - For super soft lips, apply a moisturizing lip balm right before bed. Your lips (and skin for that matter) absorb moisture best while you sleep.


#28 - Each day, take a moment to notice the beautiful, irreplaceable soul that lives in your body. It is for the inside that we take care of the outside.


#29 - Use a matte bronzer to give your face some definition by applying it in a #3 shape. Start at temples, then under cheekbones, and along jaw line.


#30 - The most valuable part of your beauty regimen is actually your beauty sleep! Cell regeneration is highest at night so while you are sleeping, your body is busy restoring your skin’s natural balance and replacing damaged cells. Trade in your last hour with TiVo for some extra Zzz’s and your skin will thank you.


#31 - An easy way to get that of-the-moment cat eye liner: Line your eye with creme or liquid liner extending out past your eye as best you can. Put a small amount of eye cream on the corner edge of a latex makeup sponge. Place that edge next to your eye facing outward at a 45 degree angle and wipe up. The excess liner will be wiped off on the sponge and you'll be left with a perfect cat-eye wing!


#32 - Best Blemish Treatment: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. For overnight use and to be placed directly on the pimple only!


#33 - When coloring hair at home apply Vaseline or Un-Petroleum jelly along the hairline and ears to avoid dye stains on skin. Amount depends on how much dye you will use in the process but if you are unsure; err on the side of more.


#34 - If you like the look of defined lower lashes (a la Kim Kardashian) but want to keep the look neat, use a brown or navy mascara on the bottom and a deep black on top.


#35 - BEST Mouthwash: Smart Mouth Mouthwash. Rinse at night and wake up with fresh breath! Not even kidding! Your life is about to change.


#36 - Mom always said to take care of your skin and she was right. What you sow with your added effort now, you shall reap later. Never go to sleep with your makeup on, resist the urge to pick at pimples and wear sunscreen daily. The tried-and-true can never go out of style. Thanks, mom!